Jets, Browns, Lions All Cut Their Losses, Coaches

Eric Mangini, Romeo Crennel & Rod Marinelli get to join all the other out-of-work folks on the unemployment line.

Eric Mangini Romeo Crennel Rod Marinelli

• Meanwhile, it took until the very last weekend of the season, but the NFL playoff picture is finally set.

• Guilt by association: A fan says he was removed from an NFL stadium just because he was rooting for the Raiders.

• A one-armed basketball prospect is hoping for a chance to jump onto an Ivy League roster.

• The biggest victim of the auto industry’s current economic woes? The UAW’s golf course.

• Senior supermodel Elle MacPherson still likes to show off in skimpy swimwear.

• Sounds like Baron Davis really wants to be back in the Bay Area.

• Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis demands an apology from all you mean emailers.

• And the winner of today’s Favre-falling-on-his-fanny caption contest is…

Brett Favre flashes

Rudy, who toasts & roasts two QBs in one quip: ….and Brett thought he could go drink-for-drink with Namath.

Thanks for playing. We’ll be kicking up a new contest tomorrow.