Jeter’s Gigantic 31,000-Sq. Ft. Home Almost Ready

• That is one mighty-sized mansion Derek Jeter is building himself down in Tampa.

Derek Jeter house

• Both Tom Watson & Lance Armstrong fall short over the weekend.

• Cubs skipper Lou Piniella gets personal with Milton Bradley.

• Indonesia asks Manchester United to never mind the bombings.

• $12 million could sure help the Arena Football League stay in business.

• What’s a golf tournament without Michael Jordan & a giant inflatable penis?

• ESPN’s city-centric sites one more nail in the coffin for newspapers?

Bill Belichick’s gray hoodie isn’t the first NFL-coach fashion statement to make such an indelible mark on the national consciousness.

• “The House That Juice Built” t-shirts: Get ‘em while they’re hot (& still legal)!

• Beware, Dana White - Shaq’s getting ready to challenge everybody.