Jeter Still Working His Way Through Hot 100 List

First it’s baseball bobbleheads, then bobblefeet - which body part is next?

• Checking the Derek Jeter Maxim leaderboard - that’s 7 down, 93 to go.

Minka Kelly Derek Jeter

• How’s Jeff Samardzija’s baseball career hitting it off? Well, not too good.

• Indy Car’s new “Danica Rule” weighs heavy on our minds.

Mark Cuban built an underground bunker? He must’ve been high.

• Is Randy Moss’s WVU jacket making a mockery of Marshall?

Big Brown’s trainer is getting all blustery before Belmont.

Bill Belichick’s cheating again, but this time not with a video camera.

Larry The Cable Guy gits-R-done in bringing back his H.S. football team.

• Legalized gambling could lead to angrier e-mails about athletes.

• One fan is ticked off enough about NCAA tickets to take them to court.