Jessica Simpson Jaws About ‘Boys Beating Eagles

Jessica Simpson decides to talk a little smack at the Philadelphia Eagles. What could possibly go wrong?

Jessica Simpson

Vince Young still feels a bit down - maybe a shrink can help him out.

Curt Schilling won’t share in New York’s elation over Tom Brady’s injury.

• Wooooo! Ric Flair gets beaten up by his daughter’s boyfriend, yet it’s the daughter who gets arrested for assaulting the cops.

Pete Carroll won’t play around with your conference call phone pranks.

• A Vermont high school basketball player should know it doesn’t help to offer your services as a drug informant if you show up to the police station drunk.

• Since she’s not getting the sponsor exemptions she’s used to, Michelle Wie is heading back to school - the LPGA qualifying school, that is.

Nastia Luikin & Maria Sharapova have become fast friends during Fashion Week.

Ashton Kutcher - actor, prankster, high school football coach?

• New York’s new NFL stadium could have the name of a German company who once insured Nazi concentration camps. This should end well.