Jessica Simpson Is Talking Smack To Eagles Fans

Remember last season when Tony Romo’s girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, showed up at a Dallas Cowboys game against the Philadelphia Eagles? Fox kept showing her on television over and over again as she watched her man have one of his worst games of the season, completing only 13 of 36 passes and throwing three interceptions. The Cowboys went on to lose to the Iggles 10-6.

Well, apparently showing up to the games to distract her boyfriend just isn’t enough for Jessica anymore. Now she’s decided that sitting quietly in the seats isn’t going to cut it, and Jess has started talking smack to upcoming Cowboys opponents.

Oh sure, you can say that her appearance on Good Morning America yesterday was to promote her new album, Do You Know, but really she just wanted to deliver a message to the Eagles and their fans.


The singer seems to think the curse is over when she issued a warning to the Eagles Tuesday morning on Good Morning America.

Simpson yelled out “Go Cowboys!” during her performance Tuesday and then adding her warning to Philadelphia Eagles fans, “That’s next week! We’re gonna kick your butts, too!”

Of course, Jessica isn’t the only person giving the Eagles bulletin board material this week, as yesterday Pacman Jones reminded us that the only reason the Eagles played so well last week was because “they played the Rams, dude.”

Jessica Simpson Meat

The difference is that Pacman actually plays in the games, so if he wants to talk smack he has to back it up. Jessica won’t be anywhere near the field come Sunday, so instead the Eagles will have to take out their anger on Tony Romo. Then, after Brian Dawkins dives into Romo’s knee and ends his season, Cowboys fans can hunt down and kill Jessica.