Romo-antic Meets Jessie’s Exes at Cosmo Awards

Tony Romo, Dane Cook and John Mayer have something in common - all 3 have been honored as Fun Fearless Males by Cosmopolitan magazine.

Jessica Simpson Tony Romo Dane Cook John Mayer

Oh, and they’ve all gotten jiggy with Jessica Simpson.

The AP dishes out that Simpson’s current beau and two of her exes were among those at Cosmo’s awards luncheon on Monday. When it was Tony’s turn to talk at the podium, the Cowboys QB tried to explain just what made him so fun ‘n’ fearless.

Acknowledging the other nearby men in his lady’s life, Romo responded, “if you date Jessica Simpson, I guess.”

After the hilarious laughter died down, Tony discussed what we was going to do with his time before heading back to business in Big D:

When asked about his offseason plans, Romo said he’ll ‘probably just hang out with the guys, you know, get away a little bit and get back home.

Will Simpson come too?

‘Yeah,’ he said, grinning.”

You old dog, you! We recommend not going away to Cabo again - or telling future father-in-law Joe where you’re headed.

Lynsey Nordstrom

In the meantime, if Dane or John ever simmer for some Simpsonizing again, they can always ask the NEW YORK POST to send along Lynsey Nordstrom.