Blog-O-Rama: Jessica Simpson A Game Distraction

• THE 700 LEVEL gets distracted, as Tony Romo seems to play poorly when his gal pals are in the stands:

Jessica Simpson Cowboys game

• TRUE SPORTS FANS think ESPN’s “E:60″ is spreading it a bit took thick by comparing O.J. Mayo to LeBron James.• MONEY PLAYERS finds the governor of West Virginia venting about Rich Rodriguez’s run to Michigan.

• Speaking of the Wolverines’ new coach, VARSITY BLUE has notes from Coach Rod’s Monday press conference:

Rich Rodriguez point

When informed by a reporter that he was the school’s third choice, Rich responded, “I might have been my wife’s third choice, but I ended up with her.”

• THE SPORTS HERNIA learns that covering a tough assignment like the New York Giants can really put hair on your chest.

• Gregg Doyel of CBS SPORTSLINE is apparently amused by Louisville’s Caracter issues.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING has a Q&A with a sportscaster we actually enjoy listenting to - Gus Johnson.

(A sampling of Gus’s March Madness work)

• RIVALFISH questions if Arthur Blank’s fried chicken comment about Michael Vick was actually racist.

• Speaking of Vick, THE ANGRY T offers this exercise regimen to help keep #7 fit behind bars.