Jessica Alba In Midseason Form; Baron Davis Isn’t

POP SUGAR (via TRUE HOOP) has photos of Jessica Alba and Baron Davis frolicking on the (freezing) beach in Cabo last weekend. Alba is only four months removed from pregnancy while Davis is only three weeks away from leading the Clippers against the Lakers in a preseason tilt (My Boy Barry has your tickets).

Jessica Alba Bikini On The Beach With Baron Davis

So take a wild guess who appears to be in better physical condition.

OK, Baron hasn’t gone all Benoit Benjamin on us or anything. But he does appear to be developing an allergic reaction to the Elliptical.

Jessica Alba Bikini On The Beach With Baron Davis

If Elton Brand was still with the team, I wonder if Canter’s Deli would be so prominently bookmarked on Davis’ TomTom*?

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* Just a guess