Jesse Jackson Tries To Cheer Up Memphis Players

If you just lost a national championship in OT after being up by nine with two minutes left in regulation, who’s the first person you’d want to see?

Derrick Rose Memphis Jesse Jackson

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, of course!

The SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS reports that the good reverend gave “hugs and encouragement” to Memphis players Derrick Rose and Chris Douglas-Roberts, minutes after the Tigers’ 75-68 loss to Kansas.

Jackson had been in Memphis for the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. While he was in town, he gave the Tiger team a pep talk a few days before the Final Four.

And he apparently followed the team to San Antonio, where he was on hand to help the declawed Tigers:

After helping Rose and Douglas-Roberts get in the golf cart that would take them to the Alamodome’s interview room, Jackson shared with reporters what he told the duo.

“Champions fall down sometimes, but they get up again, and you play through your wounds,” Jackson said. “It hurts, but you get your stars from your scars. You have to rise above your pain.”

You also have to learn to shoot free throws.

But there’s no need to further pile on, as the Memphis squad feels badly enough. But Derrick & Chris should feel a bit better come June, when they sign their big NBA contracts.

Meanwhile, no word yet if Jackson & Al Sharpton are calling for a boycott of Kansas goods & services, since that the NCAA obviously wanted the team from Lawrence to win. Did you see how many white guys were on the Jayhawks bench?