Jerry Sloan Is Perplexed By This Twitter Thing

Twitter is all the rage these days with NBA players. Shaq lets you know when he’s going to be at a diner, and Steve Nash likes to broadcast MLS news. It’s gotten to the point that the Bucks’ Charlie Villanueva recently got in trouble for “tweeting” from the locker room at halftime of the team’s game with the Celtics. So someone at the DESERET NEWS in Utah thought they’d ask Jazz coach Jerry Sloan what he thought of the new trend.

Jerry Sloan is Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer

Unfortunately, Sloan seems to have been raised in the same log cabin as Abraham Lincoln, and reacted to the question like Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer from those old SNL skits.

Here’s what Sloan had to say (via the DESERET NEWS):

“I don’t follow that,” Sloan said. “I don’t even have a computer. I don’t know how to turn one on. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m going to be totally honest. How would you do that?”

Told it could be done with a mobile phone, Sloan — raised in a tiny, remote Illinois town — was further perplexed.

“I have a phone,” he said, “but I don’t know how to use it that way. . . . See, I grew up without a telephone until I was a junior in high school. And I’ve always been intimidated by that stuff.”

Deron Williams says that Sloan doesn’t like when the players are texting each other, and has even banned cell phone use on the team bus. So there you go: an NBA team has the same bus rules as your eight-year-old.

One player’s phone rang during a team meeting earlier this year. Luckily for that guy, Sloan isn’t as spry as he used to be:

“Years ago, I would have put my foot on it and squeezed on it,” the Jazz coach said. “But I’m too old to do that (now). I’m afraid I’ll slip off of it and hurt myself.

Of course, it’s not surprising that the 66-year-old coach isn’t exactly up on Twitter. I’m a few decades his junior and I’ve never used it. Carlos Boozer also claims to not know what it is.

Of course, someone has set up a Twitter account in Sloan’s name, but it isn’t very funny, other than the giant John Deere logo on the page.