Jerry Jones: Labor Deal Allows For 22-game Sched

Tuesday Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones guested on KRLD radio in Dallas on the Jagger and Barsky show -via - to talk all things Cowboys and NFL.

Jerry Jones on 22 game NFL schedule

(KRLD audio of Jones on 22-game schedule below)

During the visit, the inevitable question of the league adopting an 18-game regular season came up, with Jones volunteering that the league in theory could actually go beyond 18 games.

I am very much for the 18 game. But I do want it to be decided inclusive of players input and that’s as it should be. We actually have in the Collective Bargaining Agreement the ability to take it to 22 games. That’s already in the agreement. That’s not the spirit of it. You want players to be buying into it.

Certainly it has the chance of enhancing the player’s financial benefits because it does grow the pie. The more the pie grows, the players get the majority of the money when the pie grows.

The players get the money – so that’s a good thing. I think the nature of how you would prepare for those 18 games would have less physical impact than we have now.

When you only play two preseason games there are things that you don’t do. Mainly has to do with the length of a preseason and the wear and tear in terms of how your body gets tired. The more you get tired, the more you’re susceptible of injuries of all kind. I think all of that is a plus factor on health.

At the end of the day I think we will be going to 18 games, but certainly with the positive input of players.”

Jones didn’t suggest 22 games was a realistic possibility any time soon, but I don’t think it was coincidence he brought up the fact that the CBA does allow for the possibility. Jones is known for pushing the envelope in every facet of his business life, so it wouldn’t surprise me if someday he led a bid to realize a 22-game regular season.

But such a plan would undoubtedly call for expanded rosters and perhaps rule tweaks to reduce wear and tear on players. Not to mention the obligatory (and understandable) objection from the NFLPA on the subject of increased compensation.

The only thing that surprised me about Jones bringing up 22 in the first place is that he didn’t instead suggest a 52-game schedule.

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