Jerry Jones Knows How to Keep Peter King Quiet

Peter King: Colonoscopy chronicler. Starbucks swiller. Undying lover friend of Brett Farve. Jeerer of Jets fans. (Is this getting old yet? Yes?)

Now, thanks to the brilliance of HBO’s HARD KNOCKS, we can add a new title to the man’s repertoire: Messy Eater.

Video of Peter pleasing his palate is after the jump.

(Clip courtesy of AWFUL ANNOUNCING)

Tough break for King there. He finally gets Jerry Jones — the king of the Cowboys empire — in his desk, ready to talk one-on-one football, and Double-J arranges for a deluxe basin of delicious buttered popcorn. There’s no defending against that! King’s thirty minutes with Jones went by silently, King stuffing his mouth with corn, trying to ask his questions through the shredded kernels.

You’re not playing fair, Jerry. Not fair at all.