Jerry Jones, Cowboys Ignite Ticket Rage In Dallas

Sure yours may be bigger, but can you fill it? For Jerry Jones right now the answer is no, and Cowboys fans are furious. Anarchy in Dallas-Ft. Worth! It would be a shame if the new Tom Landry statue was torn down by an angry mob only hours after being installed.

Our story so far: The Cowboys are a couple thousand tickets or so short of a sellout for their home opener on Sunday, meaning that the game will be blacked out locally (maybe). To avoid that, or just because he’s greedy, King Jerry has released 1,200 reserved seat tickets into the wild. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

But that has royally pissed off PSL owners, who have paid as much as $5,000 each for their seats. This is a mess.

Ever get the feeling that this $1.2 billion behemoth is just too big and complicated to run properly? If it’s not the Oompa Loompas hanging the scoreboard too low, it’s a mob of angry PSL holders marching on Cowboys Stadium to demand refunds. And then Augustus Goop falls into the chocolate river.

Many of the seats are close to season ticket holders Tom and Sandra Gipson of Flower Mound. The couple has only missed two Dallas Cowboys home games since 1978. They forked over the $10,000 for their PSL’s.“I don’t quite understand why there’s tickets available without the PSL’s if they are good seats. But I guess with the price they couldn’t sell them all,” Tom said.

“I know [Jerry Jones] wants to sell out the stadium so everybody can see it at home and I think that’s great,” explained Sandra. “But it is unfortunate for those of us who bought PSL’s to be there, and now there’s going to be people offered just the tickets themselves.”

Of course part of the problem is that the Cowboys are selling 18,000 standing room tickets, which they call “party passes,” for $29 bucks each. I’m really interested in seeing how that’s going to go over, by the way — what could possibly go wrong with large groups of football fans milling together on a giant deck, fueled by beer and Romo Rage? It sounds like every frat party I’ve ever seen, only with more Flozell Adams.

The reserved seats that went on sale today aren’t exactly cheap — $239 a pop, which doesn’t include parking or those $60 pizzas. But it still has to be galling for Hank Hill, who paid $10,000 so he and Bobby could sit next to the riff raff.

According to at least one source, the game was never in danger of being blacked out anyway. So why is Jones creating such ill will with his PSL tenants? Just because he can?