Jerome Bettis’ Bar Bathroom a Top 10 Place To Go

Jerome Bettis knows that when you gotta go, you might as well go in style.

Jerome Bettis bar bathroom

Pittsburgh’s WTAE-TV lets out news that the former Steelers RB should be flushed with pride, as his restaurant’s restroom has been nominated as a finalist for best bathroom in America.

The bathrooms at Jerome Bettis’ Grille 36 have been picked as a Top 10 public potty in a contest sponsored by work uniform supplier Cintas.

So, what makes Jerome’s johns among the tops in national toilets?

Special spying features, for one:

The grille’s restrooms feature custom marble tile, plus a one-way mirror above the urinals in the men’s room, which lets patrons see out into the bar.

“The lighting is dim, so I guess it’s a comfortable atmosphere for your restroom needs,” said manager Candy Mann.

“You can see most of the TVs on the back wall, and all of your friends and relatives,” said entertainment engineer Jake Karan. “You can check on your girlfriend, too.”

You know what would be a great April Fools joke? Re-install the mirror backwards, so all the bar patrons can have a good laugh at watching the boys in the bathroom - and see which guys glance down at their urinal neighbors.

Jerome Bettis bar opening

Although it’s an honor to be nominated, Bettis doesn’t have the Best Bathroom title just yet. Steelers fans & haters can help or hurt Jerome’s cause by casting their votes here.

For Bettis, adding such a prestigious plumbing award to his Super Bowl ring would be quite a relief.