Jeremy Shockey Looking For Lovely Ladies To Attend His New Years Eve Party

SHOCKEY SELECTIVE WITH GAL PALS FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE: DEADSPIN has the chance of a lifetime for all you Big Apple broads and Tri-State trollops: Jeremy Shockey wants YOU! - to drink & dance for his amusement:

Jeremy Shockey Point

The New York Giant is looking for some supple scenery to parade around at his New Year’s Eve party. And what better way to locate lovely ladies than by a Craigslist casting call.The posting promotes how “Manhattan’s hottest, newest nightclub” - no name or location mentioned - wants to surround Shockey and his posse with “the city’s hottest girls.”

Jeremy Shockey

However, it’s not just a case of showing up for possible entry - into the club, or from other attendees. All pretty partygoers must be pre-approved before they can commence jigglin’ with Jeremy.The listing states, “If you think you can dress, dance, and drink the part, then please send one head and one body shot, as well as your name and contact info” to some random Gmail address.

Who can resist such a tempting offer?