Jeremy Shockey Has No Time For A Silly Parade

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that Jeremy Shockey didn’t show for the Giants’ victory parade yesterday. But the NYDN did fail to report though that the event cut into Shockey’s beard-growing schedule, so his absence is completely understandable.

There’s two things that could going on with Shockey. He doesn’t want to be at a celebration where he’s not the center of attention. Or he doesn’t want to participate in the parade and have the perception that he’s distracting from the real heroes of the Giants Super Bowl victory.

We pick the former. We’d like to think the Giants would dump him in a trade in the offseason but that’s probably not going to happen, because of his rep as a malcontent and his injury. We would imagine though that next season he’ll be piping down in the huddle a little more often.