Mayfield: Meth Accusations are Costing Me Money

This is just getting silly. Last we heard from suspended NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield, he was contesting his positive drug test with a two-pronged attack of sheer genius: on one flank he claimed NASCAR illegally tested his ‘B’ urine sample, and on the other his fraudulent doctor friend claimed that his testing positive for meth (NOT EVEN ONCE) was the result of a magical heretofore unheard-of interaction between Adderall and allergy medicine Claritin-D.

Jeremy Mayfield


Needless to say, it hasn’t worked so far. His fake doctor was revealed earlier this month as a fraud, and now NASCAR has rather bluntly refuted his first claim as well by revealing his ‘A’ sample was all methed-up as well. Don’t worry, though - quick thinkin’ Jeremy hasn’t run out of excuses yet.

First, NASCAR went to the trouble of smacking down Mayfield’s claim of a tainted or illegal ‘B’ sample test, according to YAHOO! SPORTS:

The documents, part of NASCAR’s response to Mayfield’s lawsuit to have his indefinite suspension lifted, show that Medtox Laboratories in Minnesota tested both his “A” and backup “B” samples last week and “confirmed the presence” of a substance that is blacked out in the filing.

Now that Mayfield has exhausted all of his fake scientific and legal reasons for testing positive for meth (NOT EVEN ONCE), he’s hoping that somehow NASCAR will take pity on him for being the poorest lil’ methed-out multi-millionaire NASCAR team owner and driver in the world:

He said in his affidavit last week that his career has been ruined by the suspension, and he’s been forced to borrow money from family and sell personal assets to pay his living expenses. His wife, Shana, is currently listed as the owner of the No. 41 Toyota, but she has not sent it to the track to compete the last five weeks.

NASCAR argued in its Monday filings that Mayfield Motorsports can send the team to the track with a substitute driver, as it did the first two weeks of his suspension.

How exactly could a wealthy race car driver/team owner be so broke and then just kinda-sorta forget to send his race car out to actually race? It’s almost like something is clouding Mayfield’s judgment. Something like perhaps…meth?