Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz Met Through MySpace

• How did porn star Jenna Jameson & MMA fighter Tito Ortiz first meet? It was through the modern miracle of MySpace!

Tito Ortiz Jenna Jameson

• The Nuggets sting the Hornets with a record-tying playoff blowout.

Bob Knight would appreciate it if the Dutch media wouldn’t f***ing ask him about the f***ing chair-throwing incident.

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Al Roker & Donald Trump have thrown some of the most fabulously futile first pitches at Fenway.

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• If you heard that a Lakers player was dealing with an obsessive stalker, would you have guessed Derek Fisher?

• Swine flu is hitting New York City high school baseball hard.

• The University of Oregon cancels the rest of its ultimate frisbee season after some tossers threw in the nude.

• One horse had to be put down and another was injured after a scary collision during Kentucky Derby practice.