Jenn Sterger Very Obsessed With Twitter, Herself

Jenn Sterger’s plans for world domination are proceeding smoothly, according to her. Over the weekend she attended an Indianapolis 500 party where she promoted a new sports drink, before that taking time to brag on an Indianapolis radio show about her proficiency with Twitter.

Jenn Sterger can write her name

Sterger, of course, is the former USF bandwagon hopper Florida State Cowgirl, former SPORTS ILLUSTRATED columnist, current New York Jets “Gameday” host, and future celebrity reality show contestant who rose to prominence after making several cameo appearances in Brent Musberger’s sexual fantasies in 2005. You may think that she’s dropped from the radar but you’d be wrong; the threat of a Sterger-dominated world is very real.

In fact, she has just finished her first movie, “The Tenant“, in which she has been adroitly cast as “mental patient No. 1.” She talked about it all on 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis recently, including her love for Twitter:

“I’m totally Twittering … Oh my God, I’ve only been on it a month and I’ve already got 2,000. That’s not bad — I’m not Perez Hilton but I’m getting up there. I like Twitter because it’s 140 characters of whatever nonsense that I’m doing with my life that day. It’s usually something funny and something witty — I don’t take my Twittering too seriously.”

Well, actually 1,585, according to this. In addition to taking photos of herself, our Jenn has several Deep Twitter Thoughts. Here is a sampling:

  • Back from the last night @ the Moves party… Went casual. Did the cupid shuffle, danced to brit & spice girls. & no..  u can’t touch this! — 10:04 PM May 24th
  • Sorry I 4got to tweet that last pic yesterday. Being in a coma the greater part of the afternoon will do that to you. — about 23 hours ago
  • Greg Oden & Jared from Subway=Indy500’s Heidi & Spencer. EVERYWHERE! Me: U get injured tying your shoes & u used 2 b the fat kid. Highfive! — 10:17 PM May 24th
  • Playboy party @ Conrad tonight. Last nites party was fun. Jared from subway was pullin mad girls. I was like, some1 close the open bar. — 10:40 AM May 23rd

We’re sorry, but no “Five Dollar Foot-Long” jokes are being accepted at this time. Sports by Brooks apologizes for the inconvenience.