Jenn Sterger Inevitable Sex Video ETA Moved Up By Sports Illustrated

STERGER GIVEN ANOTHER (MONEY) SHOT BY SI: Attention, dorm rats and frat house hidden cam operators! has launched something called the (appropriately named) “Jenn X Road Trip“.

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(link of SI columnist Sterger NSFW!)

For the feature, will post a collection of videos chronicling internet model-turned SPORTS ILLUSTRATED columnist Jenn Sterger’s visits to six campuses during the college basketball season.

Jenn Sterger Nude Photos

She will apparently file reports on game atmosphere (yawn), traditions (yawn), student body (hopefully hers) and party scene (yes!). And plans are for Sterger to continue the series in the fall for football season.

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Here’s hoping that by the time Sterger encounters her second or third leg of the campus tour, the feature will be renamed “Jenn XXX Road Trip“. And I think I speak for all of her *readers* when I conclude that this kind of video (all talk, no action) isn’t going to cut it:

With performances like that, you have to give credit to the newly-downsized executives at Time, Inc. for allowing Sterger’s hands-on approach with their magazine’s masthead.