“Jellybean” Bryant to Return to Floor as Coach?

The Phoenix Fury, an expansion ABA team (check your local listings; everyone eventually gets one), has named Joe Bryant as its operational officer. Kobe’s father may also coach the team. Unfortunately, Jellybean got busy and didn’t mention his new job to his son, who found out through the media. That led to Kobe calling Dad and asking, “Hey Dad, you’re going to Phoenix?”

Jelly Belly car

(The new team clown car?)

Yes, he is, Kobe. He’s also got some forward-thinking ideas about how to fill Phoenix Greenway High’s gym each game:

“Don’t look at us just as wins or losses. Look at what we’re doing in the community.”

“We are not going to exclude women. A lot of women can play with the guys.”

Also, the team’s saving money by holding the player tryout information meeting at the same time as the dancer tryout information meeting. We would have never guessed that’s what Jellybean meant about men and women playing together.

The ABA has a long history in its current incarnation of churning through new teams like krill through a whale’s teeth. We don’t expect this will last forever or much past Tuesday. Still, we hope it lasts long enough for Kobe to sit in the Greenway High gym to watch his dad coach local scrubs through their paces or maybe rush him back to 1955 to save his own existence.

Whew; we made it all the way through without a “sound and Fury signifying nothing” joke. We didn’t think we’d…

… crap.