Jefferson Jolts From Wedding, Doesn’t Tell Guests

Richard Jefferson got cold feet and decided to ditch his beautiful bride-to-be. Too bad the new Spur neglected to inform his wedding guests.

Richard Jefferson Kesha Nichols

• What’s better than $1 beers at the ballpark? How about $1 beers at the ballpark with a buxom Playboy “Hot Housewife” model?

• A British tennis coach is caught doing a little drive-by wanking near a group of 14-year-old girls.

• Nice to see Erin Andrews, Heather Graham & Kristin Cavallieri all share the same fashion sense.

• Hard to tell what looked weaker last night - President Obama’s first pitch, or the NL All-Stars’ overall play.

• And you’d think the White Sox’s #1 fan would know how to pronounce the team’s long-time home ballpark correctly.

• Like MLB, the NFL is coming to iPhone. Unlike MLB, the NFL is going to cost much, much more on the iPhone.

Rocky Lockridge: From boxing champ to homeless drug addict.

• Sorry, but Sidney Crosby is not trying to help rebuild a Minneapolis park.

Dana Jacobson just can’t seem to let Stephen A. Smith go.