Jeff Van Gundy Lets Cat Out Of The Bag That Brother Stan Was Fired By Pat Riley

JEFF VAN GUNDY OUTS RILES SH–CANNING BROTHER STAN: Dave Tepps of the PALM BEACH POST notes that Jeff Van Gundy Tuesday confirmed the worst-kept secret in the history of the NBA: That Pat Riley fired Stan Van Gundy and subsequently stole his championship ring.

Jeff Van Gundy NBA on ESPN

Stan’s brother Jeff, also recently fired by the Houston Rockets, was asked Tuesday on ESPN’s PTI if he’d be in contact with Stan. Jeff’s response told Heat fans all they need to know: “He’s been through the firing part. So he’s been good.

Stan Van Gundy

You know, the hardest part is getting through that initial period when you question yourself, your abilities and everything you’d done.

Yeah, but what does that have to do with Stan?