Ex-ND Football Star Striking Out In Minor Leagues

Most of us remember Jeff Samardzija as a standout wide receiver for Notre Dame, so you’re forgiven if you didn’t realize that he signed a big-money contract to pitch for the Cubs organization last year.

jeff samardaija cubs notre dame

Especially since he…uh, well, kinda sucks.


Tuesday, [Samardzija] gave up six runs in five innings to Mississippi in his third consecutive start of allowing six or more runs. Over his last six starts, Samardzija has allowed 27 runs in 251/3 innings for a 9.59 earned-run average, with 26 walks and 17 strikeouts.

The speculation last year was that he would have been a first-day pick in the NFL draft, had he opted for that route. It’s easy to understand, though, why he took his shot with baseball. It’s an easier game to play, careers are typically longer, and contracts are typically larger. Ten million bucks over five years surely didn’t hurt, either.

But CHICAGO BULL speculates that he could have done better:

Where Samardzija would have went in the draft is speculatory, however scouts had him as a mid-late first round pick before he inked his contract with the North siders. At the fourteenth pick, Darrelle Revis signed with the Jets for 6 years, $36 million.

That’s alot of cash Samardzija missed out on to get 20 bucks a day for food in Kodak, Tennessee. While the path is not as clear to a starting spot in the MLB as it is in the NFL, it appears as though Samardzija could be at a crossroads soon.

Yeah, and that crossroads will be “working at Burger King” or “working at McDonalds.” Drew Henson showed us how difficult it can be to go back to football from baseball; why would Samardzija fare any better?