Jeff Reed Nails FGs, Gets Nailed For Public Intox

Our old friend Jeff Reed is back in the news, and once again, it’s for the type of reasons you never want to have associated with a program. In Pittsburgh, just hours after hitting both of his field goal attempts in the Steelers’ 27-14 victory over the Cleveland Browns, Reed was cited and “technically arrested” - he never actually went to jail, thanks to a family member at the scene - by police for public intox and other related charges.

Jeff Reed Public Intox Public Urination
(He seemed like such a sober fellow.)

Why, then, would such an incident happen? Towel dispensers aside, Reed seems like a happy drunk, and certainly one who wouldn’t earn a public intox charge (which really ought to be renamed “public drunk a$$hole in the vicinity of a police officer”) - to say nothing of disorderly conduct and two other misdemeanors. Well, that Steelers teammate urinating in public nearby probably has something to do with it.


Pittsburgh police arrested Steelers kicker Jeff Reed last night after he tried to come to the aid of a teammate being cited for urinating in public, Sgt. Tina Davidson said.

Police responded to an unrelated incident at McFadden’s, a North Shore bar and restaurant across a parking lot from Heinz Field, around 9 p.m., Davidson said. While there, officers spotted a man urinating outside a white sport utility vehicle and began to give the man — identified as Steelers tight end Matt Spaeth — a ticket when Reed exited the vehicle, Davidson said.

Okay, so Reed’s probably got the public intox ticket coming, but what about the rest of the charges?

“The officers told him several times to get back in the vehicle, but he did not listen,” Davidson said. “Mr. Reed then squared up with an officer by bringing his fists up.”

Officers tackled Reed and cuffed him at the scene, Davidson said.

Yes, that’ll do it. That’s why Spaeth got just a citation for public urination, while Reed’s sum total of charges is the public intox, disorderly conduct, simple assault, and resisting arrest. We imagine some of those will be dropped as part of a plea deal or something, but still, DUDE.

As the article notes, Reed’s in the final year of his contract with the Steelers. This probably doesn’t help his chances of getting re-upped next season - not unless he gets into rehab as soon as the season’s over.