Jeff Gordon Continues To Lead A Pretty Good Life

I’m quite certain that if Jeff Gordon was, say, selling tires for a living he wouldn’t be making time with model-type talent, much less marrying them. But money conquers all, even for diminutive race car drivers.

Jeff Gordon, wife Ingrid

After divorcing his first wife and high school sweetheart in 2003, Gordon tied the knot to wife No. 2, Ingrid Vandebosch, three years later. And let’s just say he’s PSYCHED about his current situation, which includes his 14-month-old daugher, Ella Sofia, the latest addition to the family.

“She’s an amazing wife and mother,” Gordon, 37, told PEOPLE at Wednesday’s Pepsi 500 Running Wide Open party in Hollywood… “You’ve got to have a wife that’s very understanding. I’m lucky to have that.”

He explains, “It’s because she wakes up everyday at 7 a.m. and does everything that she possibly can for her little girl – our little girl – and for me.”

Let me get this straight: Ingrid gets up at 7 a.m.? Wow, how does she find the strength? And I suspect the “you’ve got to have an understanding wife” comment was in reference to No. 1, who allegedly demandedexclusive use of the couple’s oceanfront home, valued at $9 million, as well as alimony, two cars and periodic use of their boats and an airplane” on the way out the door.

Gordon also added an enthusiastic “maybe!” when asked if he wants more kids, which, as every father knows, is code for “I’ve already had the vasectomy.” Plus, he’s waaaaaay too busy watching his wife wake up early and do everything she possibly can for her … er, their little girl. Or something.