Jeanie Buss Slams Brother Jim Buss For Criticism Of Boyfriend Phil Jackson Doesnt Know If Jackson Will Stay With Lakers

JEANIE BUSS SLAMS BROTHER JIM FOR BOYFRIEND BASH: It’s well-known (at least here in L.A.) that the son of Jerry Buss, Jim, has already essentially taken over the basketball operation of the L.A. Lakers from his father.

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Last Friday Jim Buss guested on KLAC-AM’s “Loose Cannons” midday show and said that he didn’t appreciate Phil Jackson criticizing Laker players in the media (read: players that Buss and GM Mitch Kupchak had acquired).

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Meanwhile, Phil Jackson’s girlfriend also happens to be the sister of Jim Buss - Jeanie - who is heavily involved in the Lakers business operation.

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She appeared on KLAC-AM’s “Roggin & Simers Squared” this morning and took the opportunity to slam her brother for his criticism of her boyfriend - in more ways than one: “I was disappointed, my brother was on this station last week and he talked about his disappointment in Phil, and Phil calling out players in the media and the fact that he didn’t appreciate that, which I thought was interesting because that’s what he was doing to Phil in the media (on the show).If he doesn’t appreciate it (critizing club personnel in the media), then why is he doing it to Phil? Phil has such an open door policy to my family that any question that my brother would have, Phil would welcome sitting down and talking to him about it. It was kind of surprising to hear it on a radio station as opposed to him just sitting down with Phil.

Also surprising was Jeanie Buss’ response when asked by Tracy Simers if Jackson will sign a contract extension with the club after his deal expires following next season: “I don’t know. Maybe they’re not happy with him? I think he’s done a good job. He wants to be here.

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Audio link of complete Jeanie Buss interview on KLAC-AM’s “Roggin & Simers Squared”.