Jeanie Buss appeared on KSPN-AM’s "Big S…

Jeanie Buss appeared on KSPN-AM’s "Big Show" this afternoon to discuss the possibility that her boyfriend, Phil Jackson, would return to Los Angeles to coach the Lakers. The following are selected excerpts of Buss’ comments to co-hosts Steve Mason and John Ireland:

Jeanie Buss opened the conversation with Mason and Ireland by saying she’s hoping Jackson will return to the Lakers as coach: "I’m in the same boat that you (Mason and Ireland) are. Everyone knows where my heart is. I’d love to see Phil back in the Lakers organization. He’s never really left Los Angeles, except for his (current) trip to Australia."

"But my first concern is for Rudy (Tomjanovich) and his health. It’s a lot of stress. The idea of Phil going back into the ring and having that kind of stress on him concerns me. But what I do know, is that Phil will coach in the NBA next season."

Click here for excerpts from the entire interview, which includes Buss talking about the Jackson-Kobe relationship, why Jackson is considering a return, and when specifically he might return to the bench.

After the interview, Ireland cited sources in Detroit indicating that Larry Brown might have serious interest in the Laker job (Brown has a house in Malibu and formerly coached UCLA and the Clippers).

With that in mind, Jackson’s timetable to take the Laker gig might have sped up dramatically.


SNOOP DOGG’S SUPER DUPE: The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that Snoop Dogg is holding a charity benefit in Jacksonville called the "Snooper Bowl." The event is a youth football game that is also officially sponsored by T-Mobile, NASCAR and Tiffany.

Oh yeah, the D-N also notes there’s also the small matter of Snoop currently facing a $25M "gang rape" lawsuit filed this week by makeup artist Kylie Bell, who accused him and "four of his cronies of sexually assaulting her two years ago when the rapper was a guest host" on ABC’s "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Despite the lawsuit, the "Snooper Bowl" corporate sponsors are "sticking with" him.

That’s certainly understandable, considering Snoop’s squeaky-clean past. Hey, it’s not like he’s a convicted felon or produced a hardcore porn video, or anything.

No word if those same sponsors are planning a big promotion with Suge Knight for the next Super Bowl.