J.B. Gerald Wanted $500,000 In UNM Hush Money?

Martin Salazar of the ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL has an update on the increasingly outrageous details of the Mike Locksley assault aftermath at the University of New Mexico:

J.B. Gerald New Mexico Lobos wide receivers coach resigns

University of New Mexico officials alleged Wednesday that assistant coach J.B. Gerald demanded $500,000 from the university in exchange for remaining silent about the Mike Locksley altercation. Evidence in the case was destroyed, UNM officials told the Journal.

Gerald is the New Mexico assistant football coach who alleged he was choked and punched by Lobos head coach Locksley in a coaches meeting on Sept. 20. More:

A timeline distributed by the university states that on Oct. 1, “university receives letter from J.B. Gerald’s attorney offering continued media silence in exchange for a $500,000 settlement figure.”

That sounds like extortion to me. But there’s no way of knowing, because the school’s athletic dept. “destroyed” all the evidence of the investigation!  (So did HR “shred” the documents or … ?)

As I’ve pointed on more than one occasion, the investigation into Locksley’s behavior by UNM was a joke from the start. Instead of properly handing the situation over the school’s Human Resources Department, school Athletic Director Paul Krebs attempted to keep the matter in-house, damage-controlling it into a disaster.

When questioned later by the school’s HR department, Salazar reports:

Several assistant coaches told an Athletics Department human resources representative that Locksley had indeed choked Gerald and one said Locksley was swinging at Gerald.

Krebs originally wanted to do basically nothing in response to what happened. Now school president David Schmidly is livid, calling the entire investigation “bungled” after repeatedly expressing his confidence in Krebs throughout the sad affair.

And now come to find out that Gerald wanted a half-mil in hush money. A detail that was sheepishly acknowledged by the school today.

So what’s the result of all of this? Gerald’s coaching career is up in smoke. Krebs may lose his job and ironically, Locksley may be the only one under the employ of the school come 2010.