Jayson Williams Faked Suicide & Stomach Cancer?

As a public service, TMZ takes the time to gives a full update on one of the truly good guys in sports: Jayson Williams. After being acquitted of murdering his chauffeur (he’ll soon be retried), you’d think Williams would try to lead a quiet life as he prepares for that future, protracted court battle.

Jayson Williams Tanya Williams

But, if you believe Williams’ wife Tanya, that apparently isn’t the case.

In recently filing for divorce, Tanya portrays the noted gun aficionado as subjecting her to “cruel and inhumane treatment“.

Some of the sordid details:

Jayson faked suicide and stomach cancer, and told her he was “going down on white girls” (she’s Black).

Tanya also claims she found cocaine and condoms in Jayson’s drawer. She says he threatened to kill her and once threatened to kill her (sic). She also says Williams repeatedly refilled prescriptions for Cialis, even though they had limited sexual interaction.

And she claims he peed in the sink.

He threatened to kill her? Nice to hear Jayson isn’t prejudicial when it comes to the treatment of friends and family. And how is thinking Jayson Williams is dead cruel and unusual punishment? Or punishment at all for that matter.

As part of the divorce settlement, Tanya is demanding the house and the former couple’s two kids, along with significant financial consideration.

No word if she’s already put in a future claim for her former husband’s electric chair.