Jays Fail To Fly High In Gaston’s Dugout Return

If the Toronto Blue Jays were expecting quick dividends for ditching John Gibbons and starting up their own personal episode of “I Love The 90’s” with Cito Gaston returning to fill out the line-up card, well, the old face in the dugout was treated to the same old result for the Jays this year.

Cito Gaston

The TORONTO STAR picks up the news of an extra-inning loss to kick off Gaston’s second go-round, a snoozer loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park that’s emphasized the hard-luck bumbling that helped get Gibbons fired in the first place: a defensive miscue with the sacks juiced.

The Jays went down to their sixth straight loss on a bases-loaded, none-out error by shortstop John McDonald. “It felt good,” Gaston said of his return in general terms. “It’s just that we’ve got some work to do.”

Obviously. Neither Gaston nor the Mets’ Jerry Manuel nor the Mariners’ Jim Riggleman (the only one of this cycle of three replacement hires to get a win in his first game back) are going to see immediate, drastic improvement from their underachieving squads right away. In fact, Gaston’s lucky not to have his ace starter, Roy Halladay, seriously injured — Nyjer Morgan nailed a ball in the seventh that glanced right off of the pitcher’s head, and it only resulted in preliminary tests at the hospital.

Unfortunately for Gaston, a certain World Series-winning slugger is not walking through that door — no matter how many times the Jays are scheduled to wear the throwback unis this season.

Joe Carter

Maybe all these tribulations and offensive woes are karmic payback for making black more prominent than blue on the uniforms.