Jay Mariotti Agreed To Sell Chicago Home Today

This may or may not be news, but Bob Goldsborough of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports today that Jay Mariotti “has gone under contract to sell his four-bedroom, 4,200-square-foot house in Vernon Hills just weeks after placing it on the market for $655,000.”

Jay Mariotti

The term “under contract” indicates that Mariotti today agreed to a price for the home with a potential buyer. Though unless the transaction is cash, the presiding bank will probably still have to sign off on the deal.

Since July 15, Mariotti had cut $45,000 off the asking price of his Chicago home. The last published price for the house before Mariotti found a buyer was $610,000.

I’ve no idea if this transaction is in any way related to Mariotti’s pending domestic assault charge in Los Angeles.

As I reported last Saturday, Mariotti moved to L.A. two months ago in an attempt to jumpstart his radio career on ESPN’s KSPN-AM affiliate in Los Angeles. He had hoped to co-host a morning show with Jalen Rose before the Lakers’ season was to launch.

ESPN has yet to issue a statement on Mariotti’s future status with the company. Likewise Mariotti’s other employer, AOL Fanhouse.