Jay Glazer Will Not Suffer ESPN’s Mockery Gladly

Jay Glazer will not be bullied by the Boys from Bristol. In fact, the Fox Sports reporter declares, I wouldn’t mind punching one of these guys!”

Jay Glazer

• Wonder if Don Ohlmeyer will mention this in his next ESPN ombudsman column.

• The Knicks’ Nate Robinson Tweets about his recent arrest as it happens!

• For finally signing Stephen Strasburg, the Nationals show their gratitude toward interim GM Mike Rizzo by giving him his walking papers.

• Who would you rather name your new high school after - Alonzo Mourning or Janet Reno?

• The Florida Gators open the season as 73-point favorites against their annual 1-AA sacrificial lamb.

• The Phoenix Suns need your help in selecting this season’s Suns Dance Team.

• A minor league hitting coach gets walloped in Winnipeg by the opposing manager.

• Right after robbing a bank, a Minnesota man immediately heads to the local golf course to hit a few. Come on, greens fees can’t be that high.

Andrea McNulty’s sexual assault case against Ben Roethlisberger isn’t being helped by the emails she sent out following the alleged attack.