Jay Glazer Report: Kiffin Will Be Fired On Monday

Jay Glazer reports on Fox Sports Radio late Sunday night that Lane Kiffin’s coaching career is about to take off, as he will be fired by Al Davis on Monday.

Al Davis and his walker

Glazer to FSR’s John Fricke and Chris Landry: “Al has told his cronies he will fire Lane Kiffin as early as tomorrow. … He couldn’t do it off a win, (so he’s) looking to do it after a loss. … As of right now, it’s done.

Now the question is, who will be next to walk the Raiders’ (rotted out) plank?

Al Davis

FSR NFL analyst Landry predicted James Lofton and Tom Rathman are the top candidates to replace Kiffin. As if it matters.

Kiffin, who must have a football trainwreck fetish, has been most-recently rumored to be Syracuse’s next football coach. It’s worth nothing that Kiffin’s pursuit of college jobs last offseason reportedly upset Davis and is what may have primarily signaled his apparent demise.

Lane Kiffin Visor Frosted Tips

As long as he keeps the visor and frosted tips, he can do no wrong in this corner.

UPDATE #1: FoxSports.com has now posted Glazer’s report.

UPDATE #2: From ESPN.com moments after Glazer’s appearance on Fox Sports Radio: “Sources told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen on Sunday that the Oakland Raiders owner intends to fire coach Lane Kiffin as early as Monday. Team officials have told the coach of the impending move.

Foxsports.com first reported that Kiffin will be fired.

Fox Sports Radio Ben Maller, upon seeing Mortensen’s followup internet report, said on-air, “I’d like to welcome Chris Mortensen to our show, since he’s obviously getting his information from Fox Sports Radio. … It’s embarrassing.