Jay Glazer Gave ‘Brutal’ MMA Lesson To Stu Scott

On Feb. 4, ESPN PR guy Mac Nwulu Tweeted: “ESPN Stu Scott, fitness buff, arrived Miami for SB XLIV after 1wk MMA training under FOX Sport’s Jay Glazer. No plans to fight pro!!

Jay Glazer trained Stuart Scott in MMA

Pro or no pro, Stuart Scott and Jay Glazer in the Octagon? Is there a sports fan alive who wouldn’t fork over 49.99 to see that? (Dude, I can dream, can’t I?)

To indulge my curiousity, I called Glazer and Scott today to get the downlow, and it turns out Nwulu’s Tweet was indeed true. Glazer, who trains NFL players with MMA legend Randy Couture during the NFL offseason, told me today that he recently trained Scott for a day in Ft. Lauderdale.


I put him through a lot of the same stuff I put NFL players through. He picked up everything in two seconds and was stronger on the ground than I expected. I gotta give the guy props, he surprised me. … I think he definitely has a better appreciation now for what those (NFL) guys go through.

Scott, who started working out with MMA last year:

I’ve known Jay for years through mutual friends and of course knew that he was big, big martial arts guy. We worked out for an hour and forty-five minutes and it was brutal and amazing and fun and intense. I learned a lot in one day of working with him.

I’m not doing this to compete. Would I like to? Sure. But I’ve got two kids and I didn’t start doing this with an idea of competing. This is about an intense but safe workout. When we spar it’s never full speed.

I know what some of you are thinking. Believe me, I know.

If you’re a knowledgeable NFL fan, you’ve already heard about Glazer and Couture’s MMA training program. Scott? Dude now has a unique appreciate for a regimen that he said “turned Patrick Willis into a beast.”

So who might be the next Jared Allen, who went from six to sixteen sacks in a season after working with Glazer and Couture? No surprise that Glazer’s now getting inundated by players interested in training with him since the season ended.

Glazer told me today that some of those players who’ve reached out to him include, Will Smith and Charles Grant of the Saints, Justin Tuck and Dave Diehl of the Giants, Damien Woody of the Jets, Chris Long of the Rams, Isaiah Stanback of the Patriots, Brian Cushing of the Texans, and Matt Leinart.

Eagles defensive end Trent Cole has already gotten started with Glazer, as reported by the club’s official website.

Glazer also said that Rex Ryan wants him to work out “several” New York Jets, including Vernon Gholston.

I think we all have a pretty good idea which member of the Jets organization should go first.