Jay Cutler Isn’t Afraid To Say Denver’s D Sucks

It’s pretty hard to blame Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler for being in a bad mood after the Broncos lost to the San Diego Chargers on Sunday night.  After all, the Broncos had a three game lead in the AFC West with only three games to go before losing their all three of those games and losing the division to the Chargers.  So considering that Cutler is already an open book when it comes to his feelings, it’s no surprise that he let some things off of his chest after Sunday night’s game.

It’s pretty well known that Cutler doesn’t like the Chargers and that the Chargers don’t like Cutler, but when a reporter asked him what he thought about the Chargers chances in the playoffs and against the Colts this weekend, he let that reporter know that San Diego doesn’t have a chance to win.  Jay basically said that just because San Diego beat the Broncos it doesn’t mean anything because we all know that the Broncos suck.

From YAHOO!:

The San Diego Chargers had just won the AFC West title in resounding fashion, defeating the Broncos, 52-21, to earn the right to host the Indianapolis Colts in a first-round playoff game six days later, and Cutler stopped to answer an unambiguous question: Was it fair to conclude that the team he just played is for real?

“These guys?” the Pro Bowl quarterback asked, gesturing to the players celebrating behind him. “San Diego? No, I don’t think so. I think Indy’ll handle ‘em pretty good. We really can’t stop anybody, and that’s the bottom line.”

Now while nobody can really dispute the fact that the Broncos defense does suck pretty hard — they gave up 374.6 yards and 28 points a game — I have to wonder if Cutler saying it is the smartest move for him to make.  It’s not like Jay had a great game on Sunday night himself, or down the stretch.  During those final three games Cutler threw for 847 yards, two touchdowns, and four interceptions.  Oh, and that San Diego defense he faced off against on Sunday night hasn’t exactly been lighting it up either.

Considering that Denver hasn’t made the playoffs in any season Cutler has been their starting quarterback, you have to wonder if his play has as much to do with it as the team’s defense.