Jaws Harpooned In Golf Course Takeover Lawsuit

Ron Jaworski, former Philadelphia Eagles QB, has been plenty busy since retiring from the NFL in 1989.

Ron Jaworski Caddyshack

He’s best known for his role as ESPN’s resident football Rain Man, breaking down game film like he’s Raymond Babbitt talking about Wapner. But Jaws also landed the MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL analyst gig last year, and owns part of the Arena Football League’s Philadelphia Soul along with Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. In addition to all that, he manages two golf courses, and is in the process of adding a third, Running Deer Golf Club.

Which seems harmless enough - except that Running Deer is bringing Mr. Jaworski to court.

From TODAY’S SUNBEAM (yes, that’s the name of the paper):

Jaworski is being sued in Superior Court here by the owner of Running Deer Golf Club, under claims his allegedly deceptive business practices forced the club to file for bankruptcy. …

The suit depicts how the Monday Night Football broadcaster and motivational speaker convinced Carman in early 2008 “that he would never do anything to hurt (them)” and allow his family to continue operating the club.

Though Carman’s attorney, Peter Greiner, contends the tune soon changed from friendly agreement to hostile takeover. The failed negotiations apparently led Carman to file for Chapter 11.

Huh, I don’t know what to make of this; Jaworski comes across as a mild-mannered football know-it-all, not golf’s watered down version of Gordon Gekko. Assuming he is a despot, however, I wonder if there’s anything he can do about Tony Kornheiser.