Taylor Talks About Supposed Training Camp Snub

Last week, Dolphins coach Tony Sparano announced that Jason Taylor would not be taking part in the team’s training camp this summer. Now the Dancin’ fool has stepped up to respond.

Jason Taylor Edyta Sliwinska dancing

Mike Malloy of the PALM BEACH POST reports that Taylor finally spoke with the media about the workout-missing matter. However, he wasn’t back in Miami just yet.

Taylor was attending a charity golf tournament in Iowa on Wednesday, when reporters reminded him of Tony’s declaration:

“Who said that?” Taylor said of Sparano’s comments, which were dissected and discussed in media reports from coast to coast. “I’ve been L.A. and so far removed from it. I’ll deal with that later.”

Jason further declined to go into any more detail about his football future in south Florida:

“I’m going to head back home today for the first time in three months … We’ll worry about football in the near future … I’m under contract with the Dolphins … football doesn’t start until July.”

It should make for a very interesting event this weekend, when Taylor will be hosting his own charity golf tournament in Fort Lauderdale.

Many fellow Dolphins players and team office folk have attended the dinner & tourney in the past. But with the recent rankled reception team officials have given to Jason’s jitterbugging, it will be curious to see who actually shows up.

Bill Parcells might show up, if only to tee off on Taylor instead of the greens. But in the meantime, Jason’s not going to let his pretty little head worry about it:

“(My teammates have) been supportive throughout. I’ve never heard a bad word from my teammates; they’re the best,” Taylor said. “I’m going to go home tonight, sleep in my own bed and let tomorrow happen.”

Edyta Sliwinska

So, does this mean there’s room under Edyta’s covers? We call dibs!

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