Jason Witten Mom Arrested ESPN Sucks Kobe Flea

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT knows it’s bad in the NFL when the players’ *mothers* are posing for mugshots:

Jason Witten Mom

• ARMCHAIR GM takes a twist on the ESPYs, as they ask fans to vote for the Worst of the Worldwide Leader.

• As long as you’re in a democratic mood, THE PIG PEN lets you hit the polls again for their take on “Who’s Now?”:

Kenny Mayne Colonel Sanders

• THE BURIED LEAD discovers what Barry Bonds will be doing instead of hitting in the hometown Home Run Derby - hangin’ with Jay-Z.

• SPORTS HERNIA fondly remembers Jeremy Roenick, the Sega Years:

Roenick NHL 94

• A PRICE ABOVE BIP ROBERTS salutes the next big sports showcase - America’s Cup Gladiators.

• BIG LAKERS FAN sees Flea’s plea for Ko-be not to flee:

Kobe Flea

• THE BIG LEAD enjoys the smooth singing sensations of Boy George…er, Eddie George.

• RIVALFISH puts some money in the swear jar, as they relive Ozzie Guillen’s Top 10 Quotes:

Ozzie A-Rod

• This closed captioner must be an SC or Michigan fan, as SEDANO SHOW views Brady Quinn, Player of the “Queer”.