NBA Exodus Continues, Williams To Israel League?

The exodus of mid-level NBA free agents to pro leagues around the globe continues, as THE MIAMI HERALD is reporting that Jason Williams is considering signing a deal with an Israeli League team. But apparently he’s having trouble coming to terms - most Israeli teams are offering around $1.5 million a year, about what NBA teams were offering and half of what White Chocolate expects.

Jason Williams Heat

I think you can join me in praying that there’s a way to make this work. Other than Ron Artest, I can’t think of another NBA player with the higher comedic potential when heading off to Israel to play pro basketball than Jason Williams.

It’s like a bad 80s sitcom: “He’s a a hip-hop B-baller from West Virginia with more moves than brains. What happens when he finds himself halfway from home in the land of the Chosen People? Find out tonight on ‘White Chocolate Motzah’, tonight on ABC!”

Actually, it might be better if noted gun expert Jayson Williams decided to make a comeback in Israel, but this works, too. Maybe this is just the kick in the pants that this whole “Roadmap to Peace” needs. If a white boy from West Virginia who thinks he’s black can’t bring the Jews and the Arabs together, than who can?