Jason Whitlock Turns Down Chance To Take Over Imus Time Slot On WFAN MSNBC

WHITLOCK DOESN’T WANT TO SLEEP ON IMUS’ WET SPOT: NEWSDAY reports KANSAS CITY STAR (and rising media star - to the dismay of insanely jealous journo colleagues and his land-locked KC readership) columnist Jason Whitlock has turned down WFAN’s offer to take over Don Imus’ cratered morning radio show time slot.

Jason Whitlock

Excerpt: “(Whitlock is) passing (for now) on a chance to take over the WFAN morning slot from Don Imus, … citing concerns about moving to New York and living the morning radio lifestyle.

So Whitlock turned down a huge media gig worth millions per year because he didn’t want to endure live in the rotten Big Apple and go to bed at 5:30pm sharp every afternoon?!

Jason Whitlock On The Black KKK

Meanwhile, WFAN claims it did not offer the job to Whitlock, instead spinning to Newsday that the AOL contributor (who was fired by ESPN after making dead-on disparaging remarks about Scoop Jackson) “was only one of a number of candidates” seen by WFAN Operations Director Mark Chernoff.

Jeff Flanagan of the KANSAS CITY STAR reports MSNBC also spoke to Whitlock about “the notion of a simulcast on MSNBC” but he turned down that possibility as well, apparently content to dodge tumbleweeds in Kansas City and wait for the next sports related racial brouhaha to bubble over.

UPDATE: Boomer Esiason is trying out for the gig all next week.