Lester’s No-No Helps Varitek Catch Some History

Jon Lester is king of the world for the moment. The Red Sox hurler tossed a no-hitter Monday night - almost a year after coming back from cancer.

Jon Lester Jason Varitek Red Sox No Hitter

(C’mere, ya big lug!)

Even though Lester lobbed up a complete game of goose eggs against the Royals, Jason Varitek is the one who had the historic night.

While squatting at Fenway on Monday eve, Varitek became the first player in major league history to catch for four no-hitters. Besides Lester’s latest achievement, Jason has also been behind the plate for no-no’s thrown by Hideo Nomo (April 4, 2001), Derek Lowe (April 27, 2002) and Penthouse Pet boy-toy Clay Buchholz (Sept. 1, 2007).

So, how did Jon’s compare to previous pitch-perfect performances?

“This was a weird one,” Varitek said. “I didn’t really know he had a no-hitter until the eighth. I looked up in the seventh and saw that he was around 100 pitches and he did his job. I glanced in the bullpen and saw nobody warming up and thought that was weird.”

But seriously, folks:

“I’m very fortunate,” Varitek said. “It’s so exciting to be part of one as a catcher. Each one’s so different. The work that Jonny Lester’s had to do — to be able to be part of something like that with him is totally different. Each one has been totally different, but Jonny keeps working to become more complete, and he’s working his way to becoming that way.”

Such nice sentiments. But what about the guys in the other dugout? How do the Royals feel being etched into the wrong side of the record book?

Having been so lousy for so long, they must be used to such sensational bat silencings. But surprisingly, this is only the second no-hitter tossed against the Royals in the club’s history. The only other one came in 1973, when Nolan Ryan did the heavenly work for the Angels.

It’s not turning into a good week for KC sports fans. First, Jared Allen’s in-town bar shuts its doors, and now this.

So, how’s the Kansas City Brigade doing? Um, never mind.