Jason Taylor Wants to be Remembered As Actor

Now that he’s had a taste of the small screen life, Jason Taylor finds himself thinking more about his acting career than his football one, as noted on ESPN’s Sunday Conversation last night: “In 10 years from now, when I’m 43 years old, I’m hoping that people are talking more about the things I’ve done in the film business than what I did in football or dancing.”

Jason Taylor Dancing With The Stars

First, let’s nip this in the bud: you didn’t do anything in the world of dancing, Jason. Twyla Tharp’s not quivering in her taps and you’re not exactly on the Gregory Hines career path. You were on a ‘reality TV’ show. Bless you, but you’re not a dancer now.

Still, we loved Taylor in The Defensive End That Ate London and are rooting for him to pull a key supporting role in Cloverfield II: Electric Boogaloo (with heavy promotional sponsorship by Dramamine). Certainly, we expect him to be more successful than Tiki Barber, who was last spotted… actually, has anyone seen Tiki Barber recently? (No points for spotting Ronde.)

Also, we can’t help but support him in his sentiment. While it’s easy to interpret his statement as a dismissal of football, he appears to instead be looking for new challenges and new successes. He wants to be remembered as an actor because that would mean he became even more successful in his next career and didn’t flame out at 35 like his fellow players.

Still, Jason, do us all a favor and turn down the Ice Station Zebra remake. You can do better. Maybe a Birdcage sequel; that was set in Miami, non? That’ll let you stretch your dancing skills.