At Least One Dolphin Made It To The NFL Playoffs

The Miami Dolphins are in the playoffs!

Well, at least one of them is.

And he won’t be on the field:

Jason Taylor As Ricky Williams

(Jason Taylor salutes teammate Ricky Williams)

The MIAMI HERALD reports that defensive end Jason Taylor will be working at NBC as a studio analyst for this weekend’s games. He subs in for Cris Collinsworth, who’ll be in Seattle to cover the Redskins-Seahawks game.

NBC executive producer Michael Weisman says he’s been impressed with Taylor’s post-game interviews, if not the rest of the Dolphins’ in-game performance: “We saw his sound bites every week after the Dolphins games, and he was refreshingly honest. He’s well-spoken.”

Weisman also emphasized the importance of Jason’s selection, joking to him, “In the history of network television, there’s never been a player invited for a postseason broadcast that finished 1-15.”

Taylor said he’s “excited” about the opportunity, and yet can still find a little humor in suffering through a dismal season: “Jerome (Bettis) talked about playing some teams that embarrassed you. If I had to do that now, we’d be taking a whole ‘nother year to do it.”