Taylor Toppled By Yamaguchi In “Dancing” Finale

Jason Taylor mamboed and sambaed to the best of his ability (as far as we know, not having seen any episodes - well, OK, maybe a few here & there). But like his Miami NFL teammates, he just couldn’t win.

Jason Taylor Edyta Sliwinska Dancing With The Stars

Skater Kristi Yamaguchi bested the Dolphins defenseman Tuesday night to claim this season’s “Dancing With The Stars” title. While Taylor did manage a perfect score in his last dance, he was toppled by Yamaguchi’s double dose of dancing perfection.

Video of Taylor’s last tango with Edyta Sliwinska after the jump.

(Actual dance starts at 1:45)

Ever the consummate competitor, Taylor was gracious in defeat. From the ASSOCIATED PRESS:

Taylor said he was surprised to make it to the finals and “thrilled” to come in second.

“If you’ve got to finish anywhere besides first, second place is the best you can get,” he said, adding that Yamaguchi deserved to win. “And we got a perfect score to go out with, so I’m happy. I’m done dancing.”

So, now that his dancing days are through, it’s back to training camp for Taylor, right? Well, not quite.

As Jason jots down in his blog for ESPN The Magazine, right after Tuesday’s show, he’s headed to New York to do a couple of talk shows, then back to L.A. on Friday where he’s “got some things to do there.”

As a result, he’s going to miss out the Dolphins’ voluntary mini-camp. And he’s aware of the negative reaction he’s bound to get (if he hasn’t gotten it already). So Taylor tries to explain himself:

There’re guys that can talk all the time, and try to lead by saying: “Oh, this is what we need to do, let’s go, rah, rah rah.” They’re rah-rah guys. And then they’re guys, like me, who lead by example. And people are saying now, “Your example should be being there working out with the team.”

Well, at the end of the day, I will show up and I will do anything I need to do, and I will be the best football player I can be. And one thing you can always hang your hat on is that on Sunday, you’re going to get my best effort, and I’m going to run through hell or high water to make it happen.

He better get a good pair of cleats.

Jason Taylor Bill Parcells

And what of his rift with Bill Parcells, who wasn’t so jovial with Jason during Taylor’s last trip to Dolphins camp?

I have not talked to Bill. It’s fine. It’s not that big a deal. He’s a busy man. He’s got a lot to do. He’s got to run a football team. At this point, it should be laid to rest. We’ll be fine. We’ll sit down and talk in the near future when this is all done. I’ll get back to Miami and we’ll all sit down and talk and figure it out.

A talk would be pleasant. Maybe Jason should also bring along some General Foods International Coffee.