Phins’ Taylor To Debut His Dancing Skills Tonight

Jason Taylor is getting ready to get jiggy with it, as the Dolphins’ defensive star makes his debut on “Dancing With The Stars” tonight.

Jason Taylor on Dancing With The Stars

The PALM BEACH POST offers a quick preview of Taylor’s chances on the ABC reality show. Following in the football footsteps of Emmitt Smith (who won) and Jerry Rice (who placed second), Jason is aiming his sights at more manageable goals for the series opener:

“The last thing I want to do is go out there and look like Clyde Drexler,” Jason said in People, referring to the former NBA great who was about as graceful as Frankenstein when he was on the show.

“Stars” executive producer Conrad Green believes Taylor has a chance of doing well, even though the big guy seemed to lack a little confidence at the start:

At first, I thought he was one of our most nervous (stars.) For a guy’s guy like he is, it (must) feel a bit odd when you put on the shoes and you realize you have to extend your arm like a ballerina. For a big guy, he looked like a 6-year-old who wasn’t sure what was going to happen next.”

Eh, just a case of Opening Night jitters. But he’ll have plenty of fierce competition from fellow athletes Monica Seles & Kristi Yamaguchi, not to mention thunderous thespians like Steve Guttenberg & Adam Carolla.

Edyta Sliwinska Dancing With The Stars

Taylor will be teaming up with sultry show regular Edyta Sliwinska. For those viewers tuning in just out of curiosity for Jason, looks like they’ll have extra incentive not to touch that dial.