Taylor Foxtrots Out To Delightful “Dancing” Debut

Jason Taylor took his blitzing to the ballroom floor Monday night, as the Dolphins’ DE shook down the thunder while shaking his money maker on the season premiere of “Dancing With The Stars”.

Jason Taylor Dancing With The Stars

Normally, we don’t usually tune in to such “reality entertainment”, but we were admittedly curious to see how the sackmaster would shine - or sink.

(Video after the jump.)

(Actual dancing begins around 2:29)

During his pre-dance introductory segment, Taylor explained how he saw the show as a challenge to step outside his “comfort zone”. And he showed just how comfortable he was when he came out in a pink tutu - a “gift” from his “poker buddies”, he claims.

Overall, Taylor’s foxtrot with foxy partner Edyta Sliwinska was pretty good. The judges were quite impressed with Jason’s jaunt, calling him “fantastic”, “elegant” and “very fluid” - but his acting needs work.

Kevin Thompson of the PALM BEACH POST had an even more glowing review:

Looking ballroom dapper in a navy blue vest and a matching shirt and tie, Taylor, his bald head glistening like a shiny new penny, appeared as comfortable performing the fox trot with his va-va-voomy partner Edyta Sliwinska as he does when he’s grinding opposing quarterbacks into the dirt.

Shaking his groove thang to Marvin Gaye’s classic “Pride and Joy,” the NFL Man of the Year was surprisingly elegant and graceful and beautiful to watch.

Sounds like someone’s become smitten (not that there’s anything wrong with that). We’ll see if Taylor’s willing to travel that far out of his comfort zone.

Anyway, kudos to Jason for expanding his horizons. And he shouldn’t worry about any razzing from his Miami teammates - it’s hard to talk any smack when you’ve gone 1-15.