Taylor Trying To Dance Away From L.A. Paparazzi

Jason Taylor is still alive on “Dancing With The Stars”. And now he can use his new-found skills to waltz around and tango away the paparazzi.

Jason Taylor Dancing With The Stars

Jose Lambiet of the PALM BEACH POST reports that Taylor has been hounded by gossip gatherers hoping to catch the Dolphins defensive star doing some dirty dancing with partner Edyta Sliwinska.

Taylor and his family have moved to Los Angeles while he participates in the ABC show. And with the stay in Tinseltown comes the inevitable trailing by shutterbugs and videohounds:

A TMZ lensman, who filmed Taylor having breakfast on a terrace, tried to goad The Bald One by telling Taylor over and over how “hot” Edyta is. Taylor played it like a pro, saying only, “She’s a great dancer.”

This is actually good training for Taylor, as it shows what he’ll be up against if he decides to pursue a career in movies or TV. Such is the price of fame.

Or he could always open a dance studio.

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