Kidd Gallops Back To Mavs, Stackhouse To Rest?

ESPN reports that the New Jersey Nets have agreed in principle to trade disgruntled star Jason Kidd back to the Dallas Mavericks.

Jason Kidd Dallas Mavericks

The “imminent” deal would send Kidd & Malik Allen to Big D, while New Jersey nets Jerry Stackhouse, Devin Harris & 3 other players, along with $3 million in cash and the Mavs’ first-round draft picks in 2008 & 2010.

While Kidd gets to get out of his own bad situation, Stackhouse might end up the real winner.

Instead of languishing in the Meadowlands, the Nets are expected to buy out Stackhouse’s contract immediately. This means that Jerry can re-sign back with the Mavs, but must wait for at least 30 days.

Which is just fine with Stackhouse: “I feel great. I get 30 days to rest, then I’ll be right back. I ain’t going nowhere.”

The biggest loser? Whoever was planning a trip with Devin to the Bahamas.