Jason Kidd Sued By Woman For Nightclub Assault

WOMAN SUES KIDD FOR FLAGRANT FEEL-UP AT NIGHTCLUB: Jason Kidd is being charged with a hand violation - and not for his play on the basketball court.

Jason Kidd biting jersey

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports the New Jersey Nets star is being sued by a woman who claims Kidd groped and threatened her at a Manhattan nightclub.The lawsuit claims that the woman was at the Tenjune club last October, when Kidd “grabbed her buttocks and crotch on multiple occasions.”

When the woman yelled, “Get off me! Get away from me!“, Kidd was apparently dragged away by bouncers. But he supposedly came back and cornered the woman against a wall, telling her, “If we have a fight, who do you think is going to win?

In regards to the allegations, Kidd’s attorney responds, “These claims were false when they were first fabricated two months ago, and they remain false today. This lawsuit is nothing more than a brazen and defamatory search for a payout.”

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With the lawsuit looming, Kidd really doesn’t need the headache, since he already had one last week.